First Care

Mental Health Ministry


There are times in each of our lives where the sun seems to disappear and the storm rages and the waves crash against our lives. When those times occur don’t walk in the darkness alone. Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 1, that the body of God’s family is to comfort those who are suffering with the comfort they have received. You are known and loved by our Father who sees in the dark as if it is noon day bright (Ps.139). First Care provides various forms of help, assistance and encouragement that will comfort, strengthen and help restore life and hope.


Prayer is our submission to God and the desire to see his will and kingdom brought here on earth as it is in heaven. Prayer is the communication and growth in our relationship with the Lord. Our Prayer Ministry is committed to praying for our pastors, our church, and our community. We have members who are dedicated to be in our prayer room every day of the week and who are eager to pray about your specific needs. Click here to submit your prayer request or leave a message on our Prayer Line at (281) 364-8777.


Divorce Care

Healing from divorce is not easy. At Divorce Care groups, people in separation and divorce find tools, teaching and support to help them deal with their pain and give them hope for the future.

Most people will say separation and divorce are the most painful and stressful experiences they have ever had. If you are facing this, you know it is a confusing time when you feel isolated and have lots of questions about issues you have never encountered before.

Divorce Care groups help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life.  The 13-week Christ-centered program includes three main parts—video, group discussion and personal Bible study. The videos feature teaching from over 50 leading Christian counselors, teachers and pastors who speak on topics important to people in separation or divorce. The videos also contain real-life stories of people who have been through a marital breakup, as they share their pain, challenges, and path to healing.

During the discussion time, the group will discuss the concepts presented in the videos and share what is going on in everyone’s lives. Each participant will receive a workbook that contains a daily Bible study for personal reflection and application throughout the following week.

The Divorce Care sessions address divorce-related concerns, such as how long is this pain going to last? Will I survive? Are these feelings I’m having normal? Where is God in all this? You will gain insights on how to handle tough emotions, such as anger, depression, and loneliness.

Other Divorce Care session topics:

  • What to do about sexual temptation
  • How to get out of debt
  • What the Bible says about your situation
  • How to know if you are ready for a new relationship
  • How to lessen the impact of divorce on your children
  • Reconciliation

Although Divorce Care is not currently being offered at TWFBC, if you are interested in attending a class, please contact John Hereford via email at  or call 281-367-4317 and he will be pleased arrange to conduct a session with enough people to start a group OR to help you find a group that is conveniently located.


Are you or someone you know grieving the loss of a loved one?

Find help and encouragement through your GriefShare Support Group.

GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You do not have to go through the grieving process alone.

Right now, it may be hard for you to feel optimistic about the future. If you have lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend, you have probably found there are not many people who understand the deep hurt you feel.  This can be a confusing time when you feel isolated and have many questions about things you have never faced before.   

“Going to GriefShare feels like having warm arms wrapped around you when you’re shivering.”

GriefShare groups meet weekly, for thirteen weeks, and consist of the following distinct components:

Ø  Video Seminar – Encouraging, information-packed videos featuring leading grief recovery experts  

Ø  Support Group – Small group discussion about the weekly video content

Ø  Workbook – Journaling and personal study exercises that reinforce the weekly session topics

Your caring facilitators will walk with you on the path from grief toward healing and hope and are there to help you face the challenges of grief and help you and as you move towards rebuilding your life.  

For additional information or questions, please contact John Hereford via email at or call the church office at 281-367-4317 OR Jean Swanson, GriefShare Outreach Coordinator, via email at or call 281-827-0337.


September 3, 2020 – 7:00 pm–9:00 pm

Loss of a Spouse Seminar

(a powerful two-hour event designed to offer support to those who are widowed and

who have not only lost their spouse but also have lost an entire lifestyle)

September 9, 2020 – December 2, 2020 – 6:30 pm–8:30 pm

Fall Cycle of GriefShare

(a 13-week program offering support and encouragement for your grief journey)

 November 19, 2020 – 7:00 pm–9:00 pm

Surviving the Holidays Seminar

(a two-hour event offering help and hope as you navigate the holiday season)

You are invited to participate in any or all of the above events.  These programs are designed to give you the necessary tools to transform your grief into something positive and to help navigate you through the challenges of grief and guide you back to fullness of life. 

You may register for these events by clicking on the following link:

Healing The Wounds of Trauma

Healing the Wounds of the Heart

How can the wounds to our hearts be healed?  Through a group that listens

Please join our small group to bring healing to wounds to the heart—emotions, spirit, soul—from trauma or loss. If you suffer from hopelessness, nightmares, ongoing sadness or exhaustion, unexplained anger, flashbacks, being overwhelmed, feelings of isolation, or unprocessed grief, whatever the source, this small group may be for you.

The group will be led by facilitators who are trained in Bible- based trauma healing. Together, we will make a safe space for group members to:

  • Discover what the Bible says about suffering
  • Learn about trauma and its effects
  • Explore any trauma or loss you may be carrying
  • Release some of the emotional pain you carry
  • Help you get unstuck, reconnected, and ready to move on in life
  • Build resilience for the future

“The Lord is near to those who are discouraged;
he saves those who have lost all hope.” Psalm 34:18 (GNT)

About the group model:

This healing group uses the proven and time-tested model of the Trauma Healing Institute at American Bible Society. Using applied Scripture and best mental health principles, we can help you address spiritual and emotional wounds caused by trauma of war, violence, natural disasters, serious accidents, and abuse.

The group will use the book Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help. It is in use in over 100 countries with more than 194 language groups in Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas. To learn more about the model, the Trauma Healing Institute, and its work in equipping and supporting a global community of workers in trauma care, please visit

“Coming into this group, I was angry and bitter, but I didn’t know why— and I was taking it out on my family. When we discussed one of the stories in this book, I saw myself. I realized that the anger was coming from pain deep inside. As I was able to talk about it and ask Jesus to heal me, the pain got less and less. Now I am freed from the anger and my family is happy.” – “Sam,” participant in a healing group, June 2013

 The book is designed for use in groups and written in simple and non-technical language. Each lesson begins with a story depicting its topic, followed by discussion questions and participatory exercises. The book includes more than 270 Bible references from more than 217 passages. There are five core sessions that make up the Healing process.  

We will meet on Thursday and Friday evening 7-9pm and Saturday, 9am to 5pm.  We will make use of stories, discussion, art, crafts and song in a process that has been shown to help work through the trauma and begin to process and heal.

For further description CLICK HERE.  

To register, contact John Hereford at 281-367-4317 or at

Fresh Hope: Peer-to-Peer Support



When hopeless people have a safe place to process their pain, and faith-filled hope is modeled and shared, they become hope-filled and thrive (in spite of their mental health challenge).


A mental illness seems to rob you of your future hopes and dreams.  And hopelessness begins to take over.

The doctor, the therapist, and medicine are not enough in learning how to live life in spite of having a mental health challenge.  That is where a peer-to-peer support group can come alongside to strengthen.

Those with lived experience (peers) can model and empower one another to live well in spite of a mental health challenge.

As peers, we believe there is hope, and it is possible to live well because we have been there.

We guide and support those with a mental illness, along with their loved ones, to find hope that is based upon research.

So that they and their loved ones might have hopes and dreams again, so they live a faith-filled, full, and vibrant life in spite of a mental health challenge.

Contact or 281-367-4317 for details about joining the group.


Online Resources

Mental Health Resources



  • A marked change in personality 
  • An inability to cope with problems and daily activities 
  • Strange or grandiose ideas 
  • Excessive anxiety 
  • Prolonged depression or apathy 
  • Marked changes in eating or sleeping patterns 
  • Thinking or talking about suicide 
  • Extreme emotional highs or lows or rapid cycling 
  • Abuse of alcohol or drugs 
  • Excessive anger, hostility, or violent behavior 


  • Personality changes, especially increased irritability and anger 
  • Legal trouble, especially substance related offenses 
  • Financial trouble 
  • Problems at home and/or at work 


Call 911  


List of Hotline phone numbers for help in a crisis

General Information Mental Health and Addiction Guide information provided through the Fiscal Tiger information website

Mental Health Solutions – 832-5187933 talk with Jeremy (there is a fee for services)  

Lone Star Behavioral Health  281-516-6200  

The Woodlands Integrative Care Hospital  – 281-383-9366

Tri-County Behavioral Health (Montgomery Co) – 800-659-6994 

The Harris Center (Harris Co) Mental Health and Mental Retardation – 713-970-7000 (press 1 on menu) 


Mental Health Solutions – 832-516-6200 talk with Jeremy (a fee will be charged)

Lone Star Behavioral Health Hospital and Outpatient Services – 281-516-6200 talk with Alison 

The Woodlands Integrative Care Hospital  – 281-383-9366

The Woodlands Behavioral Health and Wellness 281-528-4226 

Tri-County PETC (Psychiatric Emergency Treatment Center)  936-538-1150 

            706 FM 2854, Conroe 

Tri-County Behavioral Health  (Montgomery Co) – 800-659-6994 

  • Mental Health Services – 936-521-6100 
  • Disability questions – 936-521-6200 
  • Substance abuse questions – 936-521-6100 

The Harris Center (Harris Co) Mental Health and Mental Retardation –

       713-970-7000 (press 1) 


Psychiatric/Psychological/Dependency Treatment 

Tri-County PETC (Psychiatric Emergency Treatment Center)  936-538-1150 

          706 FM 2854, Conroe 

Lone Star Behavioral Health 281-516-6200 

The Woodlands Integrative Care Hospital  (281) 383-9366

          1006 Windsor Lakes Blvd, Suite 200, Conroe, TX 77384

Menninger Clinic  713-275-5000 admission: 800-351-9058

The Woodlands Behavioral Health and Wellness 281-528-4226 

          Assessments/Therapy/Counseling/educational disorders 

White Stone Building 281-367-8255

          Multiple types of service – see individual contact numbers on website  (individual providers may be listed below)

Woodlands Family Institute 281-363-4220

          Marriage, Individual, Family, Addiction Counseling; Children’s therapy, Trauma therapy, Parenting, Anger Management

          1610 Woodstead Ct. Suite 420, TW TX 77380

Inner Loop Counseling 713-680-8880 (they are opening a Woodlands office)

          Specializing in Sex & Love Addiction, Trauma and Recovery Specialists 

          1500 N. Post Oak Rd, Suite 150 Houston 77055

Grace Psychological Services 281-815-0899 

         Bilingual Child/adolescent/adult/family 


         2002 Timberloch Place, Suite 200 TW 77380 

Spring Grove Counseling 281-205-8786 

         Bilingual Child, adolescent, adult, family, bilingual play therapy, substance abuse, trauma, abuse, neglect, infant mental health, adolescents     w/illigal sexual behavior 

         Insurance, cash, sliding scale 

         7109 FM 2920, Suite 600, Spring 77379 

Cornerstone Psychiatric Assocs  281-580-8086 

         Multiple service programs 

Sam Houston State University Counseling Center  936-294-1210

         Free services – counseling done in a confidential         training environment

Connect Psychological Services, PLLC. 832-534-3993.

          Evaluations and treatment, play therapy, behavior managment training

          26205 Oakridge Dr. Ste 103, The Woodlands, TX 77380

          Cash, Sliding Scale

Family and Youth Institute, LLC  281-719-5539.

          multiple counselors. child, adolescent, adult, family focuses

          25511 Budde Rd., Bentey Bldg. Suite 1902, The Woodlands, TX 77381

          Cash, check, credit card (Visa, MC, AmEx) Comp Psych

Montgomery County Youth Services. 281-292-6471

          1600 Lake Front Circle, Suite 130, The Woodlands, TX77380

          NO COST counseling services for youth and families

The Center for Success and Indpendence. 713-426-4545

          provides long-term residential treatment and intensive outpatient services to adolescents age 12 to 17 who are suffering from substance abuse, other addictive disorders, emotional distress, behavioral health issues, suicidal ideation, and trauma, such as abuse, neglect and abandonment. We are a CARF-accredited program.

NOT-FOR-PROFIT Counseling Services

Bo’s Place A non-profit, free-of-charge bereavement center. 713 942 8339

          Bo’s Place offers multiple grief support services for adults, children and families, and provide education and resources for those who assist people in grief.

          10050 Buffalo Speedway, Houston, TX 77054

Family Houston 713-861-4849

          Tanja van Dam, MA LPC

          Through counselors, finance coaches, and case managers Family Houston provides many programs and services to strengthen families.

          Accepts company EAP plans and insurance and has a sliding scale for counseling;  financial coaching free service

          1600 Lake Front Circle, Suite 200, TW TX 77380. counseling only

          4625 Lillian St., Houston TX 77007


          PACN offers free counseling services provided by student interns

Youth Services Montgomery County 24hr Crisis Hotline 888-756-8682

          The service offers NO COST counseling services for Youth and Families.  Serveral offices across the county. Services include: grief counseling, Art Therapy, Family crisis/interventions and pregnancy counseling


Individual Practitioners

Dr. Paul Looney, MD 713-725-1305 


Dr. Peter Johnson, MD 281-528-1523 


Dr. Kermit Parker, PhD..  713-705-4772


Dr. Laura Chapagne, MD (281) 973-0274 


         10857 Kuykendahl Rd Suite 210, The Woodlands, Texas 77382

Dr. Krista A. Sikes, MD(281) 907-9012


         6707 Sterling Ridge Dr suite c, The Woodlands, TX 77382

Dr Christina Story  936-703-7603 


         Women transitioning, divorce, entering/leaving the workforce 

Vaughn M. Bryant, III PhD LCDC-CCS, LMFT-S, LPC-S  


          Long-term Supportive Outpatient Dialectical Behavior Theray Program; Marriage and Family Therapy, EMDR, addiction issues

Susan c. Jones, MA, LMFT-S, CRC 281-241-6550

          Focus: Personal, Relationships, Depression and Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Trauma, Career, Premarital

         10655 Six Pines Dr., Suite 150, The Woodlands

Aime Ferow, MA, LPC-Intern, New Life 281-353-5935 ext. 112.

Adam Bertoch, MS, LCDC, LMFT. 832-246-8806 On the Mend Counseling

         Adolescents, Familie, Couples, Trauma, Addiction, Depression, Anxiety

         8350 Ashlane Way Suite 104, The Woodlands, 77382

Mark Crowe, MEd, LPC 440-212-3643 Summit Counseling PLLC.

         Adult, Adolescent, Family, Depression, Anxiety, Divorce, Grief and Loss, Adolescent Issues


Rhonda Septelka, MA, LPC, NCC. 832-917-1545 appointment line. 832-335-3560 office.

         children 2years old and up, adolescents, adults, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression and Relational Issues

         7026 Belgold St., Houston, TX 77066

Dana Futrell LPC. 832-509-8390

         Children and Adolescents and Adults

Cynthia Martinez LPC 346-268-8899

         Children and Adolescents

Rosie Lasiter LPC

         Chlidren and Adolescents

Anne Causey  832-492–5068 

         General counseling, marriage, adolescents and teens 

Jamie Edwards 281-923-6313 

         Addiction and recovery 

Dr. Janet Nicholas  713-882-4268 


         Equine therapy, addiction 

Scott Peacock  713-533-8906 

         Sex and pornography addition 

Benjamin F. Horberg, LCSW (713) 597-4570. Biligual

        Mood disorders, psychotherapy, psychodynamic therapy and counseling via phone/video teleconferencing       

        Cash, Insurance, sliding scale

        5222 FM 1960 Suite 218 Houston, Texas 77069

Dana Grammer LCSW 832-419-7324 A New Leaf Counseling

        Family & relationship issues, grief/trauma/loss, substance use recovery, family of oritin, depression, codependency, love addiction

        14011 Park Dr., Suite 100H, Tomball, TX 77377


Teresa Steltzlen    281-419-1959 


Linda R. Brown  281-241-7953 or 281-740-8392 

        Licensed Social Worker/Therapist 

Brittan Gilchrist, MA, LPC, CEDS. 832-901-6416. Peace and Purpose Counseling, PLLC


        250 Ed English Dr., Building 3, Suite B, Office 3, Shenandoah, TX 77385


Monica Morales Plonyi, PHD, LPC-S EMDR 832-998-0028

        Child, Adolescent, Adult, Family, Bilingual, Faith-based

        250 Ed English Dr., Bldg. 3, Suite B, The Woodlands TX 77385-8020 


 Melissa Estes LPC 281-827-3677

         5513 LOouetta Rd, Suite C, Spring, TX 77379


Peggy Freeman  MS LMFT. 382-299-5580

          26411 Oak Ridge Dr., Spring, TX 77380

Dana Futrell MS LPC 832-509-8390

          Sees ages 10 and up. Individuals, couples and families

          9595 Six Pines Dr., Suite 8210, TW TX 77380

Annie L. Jones PhD LPC 936-202-9503. Sees female patients only

          26205 Oak Ridge Dr., Spring, TX 77380

Paula McDonald-NeelyLCSW 936-777-4642

          AETNA, BCBS, CIGNA

          26411 Oak Ridge Drive, TW TX 77380

Alyssa Meyers MA LPC NCC  936-203-1772

          250 Ed English Dr., Building 3, Suite B, Office 3, Shenandoah, TX 77385

Christina Runnels MA LPC LCDC Greater Houston Counseling Services, PLLC 281-299-3471


          21021 Springbrook Plaza Dr., Suite 175, Spring, TX 77379

Ashby Simons MA LPC LCDC Mindful Therapy of the Woodlands, LLC 936-777-4642

          BCBS, CIGNA 

          26411 Oak Ridge Dr., TW TX 77380

Genette Stanton ME LPC NCC Genette stanton Therapy, LLC 713-819-9663

          2219 Sawdust Road, Suite 1801 TW TX 77380

Bobby Squire LPC Director of Crossroads Christian Counseling 281-264-8806

          2203 Timberloch Place, Suite 211 TW TX 77380

Mary Sullivan LPC 936-681-9666

          26310 Oak Ridge Drive, Suite 10 TW TX 77380

Mary Lambrecht Family Help Counseling and Seminars, LLC 832-953-4030

          Marriage and Family Therapist, Seminars

          26205 Oak Ridge Dr., Spring, TX 77380


(The following are also bilingual-spanish) 

Jimena Isaza,  MA, LPC Woodlands Counseling Center, 832-671-6616

        2219 Sawdust Road, Suite 1101, The Woodlands, TX 77380

James Paterson Allied Counseling Associates of Conroe 936-828-3908  

        Adult/Family Substance abuse/chemical dependency/additions/alcoholism 


        704 North Thompson, Suite 170, Conroe 77301 

Kate and David Walker Ann’s Place 936-697-2822 

        Child, adult, adolescent, family 

        Sliding Scale 

        24900 Pitkin, Suite 105, Spring 77380 

Pamela F.Ball Beyond Your Best Counseling 936-900-8566 

        Adolescent/Family addiction/co-dependency 

        Sliding Scale 

        26990 Budde Road, suite B200, TW 77380 

Carlos Calderon Christian Life Counseling 281-419-2323  

        Child, adolescent, adult, family, female issues, abuse & trauma, parenting ADHD,                   special education concerns 

        Sliding scale/cash 

        25602 Oakhurst Dr., Spring 7386 

Judy Cox Family Time Crisis and Counseling Center 281-446-2615 

        Adult, family, child, adolescent, victims of abuse 

        Sliding Scale/Free for victims 

        1203 S. Houston Ave., Humble 77338 

Monica Morales Polonyi 832-998-0028 

        Child, adolesent, adult, family, PTSD, Christian Counseling, complex trauma, dual                 diagnosis, psychological disorders 

        Cash, Insurance 

        250 Ed English Dr., Bldg. 3, Suite B-4 TW 77385 

Jaime Guajardo Jr. Serenity Place Family Therapy 832-264-1928 

        Child +10, adult, adolescent, family, depression, grief, trauma, PTSD 

        Cash, sliding scale 

Hospitals – Inpatient treatment and Outpatient treatment 

Lone Star Behavioral Health – 800-793-0725 

Cypress Creek Hospital – 281-586-7600 

Houston Behavioral Healthcare Hospital-832-834-7710 

Kingwood Pines Hospital 281-404-1001 

Menninger Clinic – 800-351-9058 

The major hospital systems in the Houston area have inpatient and outpatient facilities 

Addiction Treatment informational website is a web resource provided and funded by Advanced Recovery Systems (ARS). ARS is an integrated behavioral health care management organization dedicated to the treatment of addiction, substance abuse, eating disorders and mental health issues. We provide well-researched, fact-based resources on this site.

Adult Co-Ed 

        La Hacienda 

        Starlite Recovery Center 

        Cornerstone of Recovery 

        Memorial Hermann PaRC-713939-7272 

        Teen and Family Services 

        Addiction Center 1 800-586-9670 (based in Florida)

        The Recovery Village 352-771-2700  633 Umatilla Blvd, Umatilla, FL 32784


        Stonegate Center 

        Lakeview / The Star 


        Covenant Hills 

        Lakeview / The Rose 

Eating Disorders 

        Texas Children’s Adolescent Medicine Clinic/Eating Disorders 

        Eating Recovery Center – 281-223-1388 

Family Support 




National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) 

Support Groups 

Fresh Hope 281-367-4317 

           Peer to peer, mutual help support for those with mood             disorders 

Alcoholics Anonymous 

Overeaters Anonymous 

Celebrate Recovery 

Peer to peer, mutual help support for recovery from hurts, habits and hangups 


National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) 

Narcotic Anonymous 

ADDA-SR Attention Deficit Disorders Asso.-Southern Region 

          12345 Jones Rd. Suite 287-7 Houston 77070   

Mental Health Videos

Our goal here is to provide access to conferences, sermons, videos, etc that our congregation has sponsor or recommends for your information.
In the Belly of the Whale 2018 this is the first confernce we conducted. There are four videos in the series covering the 8 speakers that presented at the conference. 
In the Belly of the Whale 2019 this is the second annual conference we conducted. There are five presentations: 
Darkness is My Closest Friend this is sermon presented by John Hereford in August 2017 presenting testimony and thoughts on dealing with a mental illness.