Ginny Stryk

Girls Ministry Director / Student Administrator
Ginny Stryk

About Ginny:


Thank you so much for all you do to help us reach people and make much of Jesus. You realize what's at stake for these students and approach each day with energy and grit. I appreciate your leadership in so many ways and I'm grateful that you help me and our Team Win in all we set out to do. - Matt Poe

GINNY!!! You are amazing you do so much I don't how you do it all! Thank you so much for all you do to help this ministry we love you so much!! I'm so blessed that I get to work with you and our team wouldn't be the same without you!! - Hailey Day

Ginny you are awesome! I know we drive you crazy sometimes and we overwhelm you with work but you always deliver. Thank you for your influence on our students, I appreciate you greatly! - Zeke Abella

Contact Information:

  • https://thewoodlandsfirst.org
  • 281-367-4317