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One of our concerns is that we come alongside parents rather than take their place in the discipleship of their students.  For that matter we do not seek to take the place of the students in witnessing and evangelizing their friends. FUSE Student Ministry is a tool for parents and students in carrying out those goals.  Through our weekly e-news, we include tools and resources for parents to get in God’s word together and tackle some of the tough issues facing teens today.  


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The FAQs:
Must we be Christian to participate in The FUSE Student Ministry?
No, we are very open to students who are exploring the claims of Christ. We do not mind questions and in fact, encourage them. We are, however, unapologetically Christian and do teach from the Christian Bible.

I am interested in volunteering in FUSE, what do I do?
We do have a process for volunteering based on the position and need. Contact the student ministry office to find out more details.

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