Kids Camp 2018


Graffiti Kids’ Camp August 6-10, 2018
@ Forest Glen Camps (Huntsville TX)
for Completed 3rd - 6th Graders (2nd Graders with an accompanying parent)

Cost is:

$275 if registering by April 14th
$279.00 if registering on April 15th (One Day Only!)
$289.00 by July 16th
$309.00 as spots available until July 23rd

The Woodlands First and FBC Montgomery are joining together for a week of worship at fun at Forest Glen Camp in Huntsville. Price includes all transportation, meals, lodging, and activities.

    This year’s theme is “Graffiti-What’s written on the walls of your heart? We’ll examine the negative ways the world would like to define us, but we’ll set our sights on who we are in Christ! This is a week your kids are sure to remember for a long time! Parent chaperones (moms and dads) are needed. Please contact Kimberly in the church office for more info on becoming a camp counselor.



-How do I know my kid is ready for sleepaway camp? A kid that is ready for a week of camp is able to be away from mom and dad for an extended period of time, has slept away from home before for more than one night, is able to be responsible for his/her own belongings, is able to shower, wash hair, change clothes, apply sunscreen, and fix hair (girls) with little to no assistance. Kids who are ready for camp are able to follow instructions when asked, be on time, stay with the group, be flexible with schedule changes, be able to articulate health and dietary needs, and can maintain a positive attitude with late nights and early mornings. A kid that is ready for camp gets along well with others, is respectful, and can be trusted to follow the rules. Have questions or concerns about whether or not your child is ready for camp? Feel free to contact Kimberly in the church office.

-My child has (baseball, dance, swim practice) in the middle of the week. Can they leave and return? At this time, camp is open only to campers that will arrive on Monday and stay through Friday. If you have specific questions, please call the church office. 

-Can my 2nd grader attend? Because of the length of camp and the nature of the program, we are accepting 2nd graders with an accompanying parent. (Does not have to be the same gender. As space allows.)

-Can my child bring a friend? Absolutely! We look forward to meeting your child’s completed 3rd-6th grade friend.

-Can I visit my child at camp? To maintain security of all of the children in our care, we do not allow parent visits at camp.

-Can I email my kid at camp? Will you accept care packages and letters? We will not have access to email at camp. We will be collecting letters only to take to camp. Because of the lack of storage, and rules about food in cabins, we will NOT be accepting care packages.

-Can I call my kid at camp? You will be provided a phone number for church staff and your child’s individual counselor. We do not allow kids to call home, or take calls from home, and counselors are not able to accept requests for individual photos throughout camp. Kids are absolutely NOT permitted to bring phones or electronic devices to camp. We will however, have a closed FB group where we will be updating photos throughout the week. 

-Can I send my kids’ meds or inhaler to camp? What if my child gets sick at camp? We will have a nurse on site who will maintain and dispense all meds and take care of minor injuries. In case of a contagious illness or moderate injury, a parent will be called to pick up their child.

-Can I take my own kid to camp? Parking at camp is very limited, and Forest Glen has asked us to keep our cars to a minimum. Please call the church office if you have any questions. 

-Can I be a camp counselor? We love our camp counselors and would be very interested to hear from you. If you would like to be considered as a camp counselor, please email

-Is there a parent/camper meeting? How do I find out camp details and packing lists?

  • There will be a First Time CAMPER/PARENT MEETING for parents and campers immediately after church on Sunday, July 15th. All forms will be due during this meeting.
  • RETURNING CAMPERS don't have to attend, but all forms are due on July 15th.


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