Healing the Wounds of Trauma


How can the wounds to our hearts be healed? 

Through a group that listens

Please join our small group to bring healing to wounds to the heart—emotions, spirit, soul—from trauma or loss. If you suffer from hopelessness, nightmares, ongoing sadness or exhaustion,unexplained anger, flashbacks, being overwhelmed, feelings of isolation, or unprocessed grief, whatever the source, this smallgroup may be for you.

The group will be led by facilitators who are trained in Bible- based trauma healing. Together, we will make a safe space for group members to:

  • Discover what the Bible says about suffering

  • Learn about trauma and its effects

  • Explore any trauma or loss you may be carrying

  • Release some of the emotional pain you carry

  • Help you get unstuck, reconnected, and ready to move on in life

  • Build resilience for the future

    “The Lord is near to those who are discouraged;
    he saves those who have lost all hope.” Psalm 34:18 (GNT)

    About the group model

    This healing group uses the proven and time-tested model of the Trauma Healing Institute at American Bible Society. Using applied Scripture and best mental health principles, we can help you address spiritual and emotional wounds caused by trauma of war, violence, natural disasters, serious accidents, and abuse.

    The group will use the book Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help. It is in use in over 100 countries with more than 194 language groups in Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas. To learn more about the model, the Trauma Healing Institute, and its work in equipping and supporting a global community of workers in trauma care, please visit

    “Coming into this group, I was angry and bitter but I didn’t know why— and I was taking it out on my family. When we discussed one of the stories in this book, I saw myself. I realized that the anger was coming from pain deep inside. As I was able to talk about it and ask Jesus to heal me, the pain got less and less. Now I am freed from the anger and my family is happy.” – “Sam,” participant in a healing group, June 2013


The book is designed for use in groups and written in simple and non-technical language. Each lesson begins with a story depicting its topic, followed by discussion questions and participatory exercises. The book includes more than 270 Bible references from more than 217 passages.

There are five core sessions that make up the Healing process.  We will meet on Thursday and Friday evening 7-9pm and Saturday, 9am to 5pm.  We will make use of stories, discussion, art, crafts and song in a process that has been shown to help work through the trauma and begin to process and heal.

For further description CLICK HERE.  To REGISTER simply contact John Hereford 832-655-4582 OR